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WANTED! Screenwriter needed urgently for Hollywood!

In Screenwriting Tips & Advice on 08/02/2014 at 17:46

hollywood 1


Hollywood wants you…

Hollywood always wants you…

Hollywood always has vacancies for screenwriters…

That’s convenient. What a stroke of luck!

I’m a screenwriter!

And a LARGE shouty hello to you all dear fellow writers, screenwriters and scribes.

So… what’s the verdict? Are you going to apply? Have you got a suitcase packed already? Are you up and moving to LA LA Land? Have you given notice to leave your job? Well… DON’T! Not yet.

Ok, you’ve heard Hollywood cannot exist without writers and there are producers out there ready to dine and entertain you as if you were the ‘bitch of the night‘. You’ve realised that not all new films are written by established screenwriters. You’ve written your ‘Gone With The Wind’, spent a fortune having your script bound and now… what? You think that’s it. Ha! If only. It doesn’t work like that.

Yes, Hollywood is always looking for screenwriters because new films are always being made and there aren’t enough new ideas, and new scripts to meet demand. Producers have to rehash, remake, reinterpret old films, old ideas, old books and so on. So Hollywood is hungry for scripts.

Is that so? Then tell me why was the script for the ‘Dallas Buyers Club‘ which started its rounds about 20 years ago got turned down by 86 Production companies before it got recently taken up and turned into a critically acclaimed Oscar nominated film? Yes, questions, questions?

And how about ‘The Wolf of Wall Street‘? Leonard De Caprio took the script, written by Terence Winter, one of the writers of the multi-award winning television programme ‘The Sopranos‘ around the production companies for the last six years, got into a bidding war with Brad Pitt before someone said ‘Hey let’s turn that into a film!’hollywood 2

I remember the comments made on Facebook for the ‘Dallas Buyers Club‘, and they all came under the heading ‘Inspired/Depressed‘. And that’s about right. Inspired that no matter how long a script takes to be noticed AND believed in it still got made AND depressed because it did take that long for it to be noticed AND believed in. Those comments also applied to the Leonard De Caprio vehicle ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. Here is a film touted by an internationally acclaimed film star, written by an award-winning screenwriter and even that took six years too long before it drew the crowds in. They are not the first nor will they be the last films to be ignored by the might of the Hollywood Machine.

So what side of the fence are you on, the inspired or the depressed? Half-full? Half-empty? I’ll let you know which side I’m on by the end.

The point I’m trying to make. I’ve been a writer since the late 1960s, had a rich and varied writing background, am an award-winning writer, a published poet, is a busy screenwriter, with a Literature BA and do you think for one minute Hollywood is queuing up to take my work? Wrong! But here’s my answer to that question. Which side am I on? Still inspired. Just because two scripts received that treatment, do you think for one finger-numbing, sweat-soaked head, aching shoulders, sore midnight-pounding eyes am I going to give up. NO!

Hollywood 3

We hear stories of authors (JK Rowling), musical artists (The Beatles), artists (Picasso, many, many others) and what I’ve mentioned today being ignored, had doors slammed, rejected time and time again (Oscar Wilde anyone?). Do you think that deters me? NO! So yes, I fall into the inspired side of the fence and proud of it. I am that long distance runner. You may move my winning post but to me it provides more of a challenge. I will try harder, become more resilient, more believing and see that moving winning post as adding fuel to my fire. WHY? Because I believe in myself. There is only one me, I’m a unique writer and I’m waiting my turn in the queue.

So, until next week, just carry on believing, You will hear stories like these every week. There will always be stories like these, it’s just the way creativity has to exist. Don’t forget, Hollywood, like any other creativity medium is run by humans and we all know how humans are with all their whims, wishes and flavours of the day. Creativity is such a whim. But one day your style will be the flavour everyone wants a slice of.

Next week… dearly beloved, keep well, loving, believing and full of peace.

Believe. Believe. Believe.

All my loving – always



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